bae 146-200

The BAe 146 and upgraded versions ARJ (Avro Regional Jet) or Avro RJ are British jets with four turbofan and T-tail reactors, which were built by British Aerospace (and later by BAE Systems) between 1983 and 2002. They range from 70 to 128 seats or up to 12 490 kg in containers of type LD3 or pallets. The BAe 146 / ARJ respects the environment and is ready to operate at night, for example with freight companies like TNT Airways. It is the quietest reactor in commercial service, and was marketed as the Whisperjet (the whisperer) as it does not need thrust reversers with its spoilers and tailpipes. Take short takeoffs and landings allowing the aircraft to take off on very short runways: it facilitates airlines that previously only offered services to airports with short tracks with noisy and slow turboprop aircraft have fast services with this aircraft. The BAe 146 is a versatile aircraft, with twelve commercial and military versions, including 146QT (Quiet Trader, 146-200 and 146-300 cargo versions), 146QC (Quick Change, passenger or cargo convertible), 146-100VIP, BAe 146STA (Sideloading Tactical Airlifter, military transport version), ARJ70, RJ85 (BAe 146-200) and RJ100 (BAe 146-300). Customers of BAe 146 and Avro RJ are, for example, Air Air Transport of the Bolivian Air Force, DAP Aerovias in Chile, LAN Chile, Sol Airlines in the Dominican Republic or Orionair and TAER Andalus in Spain. Also Albanian Airlines, BA Connect, belleair, Brussels Airlines, Air France CityJet, Eurowings, Flybe, Hemus Air / Bulgaria Air, Lufthansa CityLine, Ecojet and Star Peru.