On June 15, 1945, upon the arrival to the country of the first Douglas aircraft ( 3-47), The Air Transport Squadron (ATS) started to operate with crews and Bolivian maintenance personnel trained in the Albrook American airbase ( Panama Cana zone).

ATS that from October 17, 1953 changed its name to “Transporte Aereo Militar” . It accomplished logistical missions supplies to the garrisons of our Army: subsequently, accessing to the petitions of the people of the shreds most remote areas of the country , It began to carry passengers , loads and mail on domestic air routes that were not commercially profitable to other airline companies , which was endorsed by Supreme Resolution of April 19 of 1955 .

TAM traditionally has covered the integration routes and always serving Bolivian population. It is proud to reach the most remote villages of our vast and rugged territory co operating at affordable costs that allow timely and adequate flow , thus fulfilling an important social service, which is widely recognized and valued by users who use their services.

Apart of the constant Flight Safety awards obtained by the General Command of the Air Force, It was awarded several times with the Business Excellence Award " Paul Harris" of the Bolivian Rotary Club "“Chuquiago Marka " .

With the premise that human element is a vital part for both, operations and administration for TAM, In the year 2013, the Training Center ( CCTAM ) it was created .

While, Law 466 of December 27, of2013 summons TAM to become a public company , the social and solidarity service air transport , essence of the institution, will not lose its force , despite of the commercial approach that goes thought.